Chris Boucher on interesting Raptors season

On the latest Hustle Play, Chris Boucher explains why he felt the 2022-23 Raptors season was boring. Watch the full episode on our YouTube channel or listen on the podcast feed.

Video Transcript

- Best off-court team moment this season?


- Yes.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I feel like the season was actually boring.

- Damn, that boring?

CHRIS BOUCHER: Yeah, because, like, all that good trip was gone, like, the first week of the month. Like, Miami, poom, gone. LA was at the end and it was cold. Then after that, we got Orlando first like month-- gone. So, like, it's kind of boring, to be honest, with this year. And we were losing. Yeah, it was boring this year, actually, when I think about it. God damn. Shit, I can't think about something good I did this year.

- All right, we--

CHRIS BOUCHER: Nothing! Guys, this year was boring, man. Shit.

- Damn.


- Lord have mercy. All right, we got a couple--

CHRIS BOUCHER: I did get here. I say that was something fun.

- That is a positive. Yeah, that is a positive. Now a couple more. A couple more before we get out of here.

CHRIS BOUCHER: E, anything fun this year?

- Nope.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I got sick of my own foundation stuff. That's-- I'm telling you, it's nothing good. Hey, I just think about this. Nothing. That's bad.

- Yikes.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Didn't play the game in Montreal.

- Oh, yeah.

CHRIS BOUCHER: I'm telling you, boring ass year this year. Shit.

- Oh, man.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Made me realize that, man. Thank you whoever asked that question, man.

- All right.

CHRIS BOUCHER: Shit, I got to do better next year.

- We got a few more.