Blues finally fed up with Jordan Binnington's antics

St. Louis goaltender Jordan Binnington is no stranger to controversy on and off the ice but Blues head coach Craig Berube has finally had enough of his player's antics, telling Binnington to, "Just play goal, stop the puck."

Video Transcript

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Because if there's one man who deserves one good thump it's Jordan Binnington.

OMAR: Oh, my god.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: That man deserves--


JULIAN MCKENZIE: He-- like, I'm just going to say it. He deserves-- you know what? No, I'm not going to say it, but that man, if-- if he was brought up right, like-- like for a West Indian person, he would get told off for the way that he acts on the ice because there's no reason for him to be acting like an asshole on the ice. And yes, I said it. He acts like an asshole on the ice.

And very recently against the Pittsburgh Penguins, he did that against Jason Zucker, and even his head coach, Craig Berube, it said it's got to stop. It doesn't help anything. Just play goal. Stop the puck. Like, even his head coach is going to the media, being like, dude, stop acting like a waste man.

AVRY LEWIS-MCDOUGALL: Like [SIGH] first of all--

SAM CHANG: I just think it's funny that he can't do any of those things. He can't stop the antics, and he can't stop the puck.


OMAR: That's-- honestly.

AVRY LEWIS-MCDOUGALL: I mean, you're not lying, Sam.


SAM CHANG: Dude, he's been so bad. He's been bad for seasons.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: He has been bad for seasons.

OMAR: Yeah. That's been-- that's why-- and that is why Craig Berube is talking now. If-- because when he was winning games, it was fine. It was whatever. But now that they're losing games, and he can't make a save, and he's doing all these things, and he's finally being penalized for stuff, now it's like OK, yeah. We have to stop it. Like, he's had to stop for the longest time. It's stupid. He's fake punching people. That's not the-- that's-- what-- like, who does that [INAUDIBLE]?

SAM CHANG: I actually can't believe Berube didn't say this needs to stop after he threw a water bottle at Nazem Kadri in the middle of a practice scrum.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Someone said it.

OMAR: Scrum.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Someone said it.

OMAR: Like, really, how come you didn't bring it up then?

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Someone said it.


JULIAN MCKENZIE: Why are you saying it now?

OMAR: Literally.


JULIAN MCKENZIE: And your player is throwing water bottles at people.

OMAR: Immediate review.

SAM CHANG: That is still one of the most unhinged things that has happened in recent years. Like, [LAUGHS] going to someone else's press conference, throwing a water bottle at them, and missing.

OMAR: Literally.

AVRY LEWIS-MCDOUGALL: Yeah. He can't-- he can't make save. He can't throw bottles. What can you do, Jordan, beyond be a little brat?

OMAR: Honestly.


OMAR: And he acted like-- he's acting like an anime character. Like, oh, I walked by, and I saw the water bottle. I saw him smiling, and I just couldn't let him get away with it, so I threw that bottle, but I missed. Like, come on.

AVRY LEWIS-MCDOUGALL: What a coward too? What a coward.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: That was really-- that was a really good anime character voice, Tic-Tac-Toe-Mar.

OMAR: Thank you.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: I think you have a secondary calling as a voice actor.

OMAR: I've been told. I have people-- I have people ask, like-- like, what would my plan B or C, like, career be, and I was like, I don't know. Voice acting would be cool.


OMAR: But I don't think I have, like, the lung capacity for it, you know? Like, you watch your--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: You just use your diaphragm.

OMAR: I don't know, man. Like, you watch those, like, behind the scenes videos, and people, like, pass out and stuff. Like-- like, Sean Schimmel.


OMAR: Yeah, man. Sean Schimmel, the dude who voices Goku in "Dragon Ball Z", like, he's, like, passed out, like, screaming before, which makes sense because, you know, Goku's a [INAUDIBLE].

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Well, I mean, that might not be the greatest example, considering the amount of screaming Goku does to turn super sane.


OMAR: That's--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: But if you were to choose some other show.

OMAR: I'd pick-- I'd-- yeah. That is true.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: I'm sure you'd find a way to make it work.

OMAR: I did-- I did pick a very extreme example, but yeah, besides the point, like, frigging-- like Binnington, like-- Binnington now getting rap from, like, the coaching stuff is stupid because he's been doing this-- these idiotic things for the longest time and only now it's a problem? Like come on, give me a break.

AVRY LEWIS-MCDOUGALL: You know what could happen, like-- like, that old grout-- like that graph on Twitter said, you F around enough, you will find out. And eventually, Binnington will find out.

OMAR: I'm surprised-- I'm also surprised--



JULIAN MCKENZIE: It's going to happen to Jordan Binnington one day.


JULIAN MCKENZIE: It's going to happen.

OMAR: Yeah.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: He's going to poke the bear one day, and it is going to work badly against him.

OMAR: I'm so surprised no one's don it.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: I don't wish ill will towards him, it's just going to happen.

OMAR: I'm so surprised no one's done it, or another goaltender who was just-- who just said, like, screw it, and just like, skated over, but I guess you don't-- like, I don't remember the last, like, goalie fight, or even like goalie, like-- you just skate to the opposite or the end-- ends, and just, like, meet in the middle, and just like, hold each other or whatever.

I think the last time that happened was actually against the Canucks. Again, it wasn't-- there was like a Leaf game against the Canucks where, like-- it was back when Matt Martin was on the team, and I think-- I think Matt Martin was like mixing it up with a rookie, and then-- oh, who was the goalie? I don't know if it was Demko or if it was Snyder?

OK, I can't remember. Like, a goalie was like, [INAUDIBLE] grab Matt Martin, and then Frederic Anderson, like, skated down, and then just like-- just said like, hey, let's just stay here. But besides that, you don't see, like, goalie fights. Like, I think we need to get rid of that. Like, yes, don't touch the goalie, but if the goalie's fricking going out of their way to, like, start all this crap, and no. Fricking go for it, man.

AVRY LEWIS-MCDOUGALL: You know what though, Omar? I don't think it'll be a goalie-- I don't think it'll be a goalie fight. I think we'll get a goalie vs skater fight. I think he'll try to fight a skater, and get-- just get dummied. I think he will find a skater and just get fricking a bad tune up on his head top.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Yeah, times like these, I think of Ray Emery, him going up against Andrew Peters.

OMAR: Oh, my god.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Quintessential moment of my childhood watching hockey.

OMAR: Good times. Good times.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: That was a really interesting time.