Blue Jays reliever Nate Pearson earning his way into higher leverage

Nate Pearson has been a valuable weapon out of the Blue Jays' bullpen since being called up from triple-A. Manager John Schneider continues to test the right-hander in bigger and bigger spots in games.

Video Transcript

- Is Nate working himself towards higher leverage situations with Swanson and Mesa and Jimmy?

- Yeah, I think so. I mean, it kind of depends on where we are in the lineup, but you threw him in there on the road trip in higher leverage spot, and I think he's got a lot of confidence right now in understanding how his curveball and fastball, in particular, play off one another, and he's been really good since he's been here. So he's a dude that you trust, and you got to-- I think keep keeping him pitching consistently is going to be a big thing for him so he can kind of continue to build off of it.