Bijan Robinson will be a fantasy star in Atlanta

Yahoo Sports’ Matt Harmon explains why he is excited about Texas RB Bijan Robinson being selected by the Atlanta Falcons, and why he thinks Robinson has the potential to be a fantasy star in his rookie season.

Video Transcript


- Bijan Robinson drafted by the Falcons eighth overall. You're not going to get a single wasted Earth second from me on the played out running back value discussion. What I will say is this. I'm really excited about this landing spot for Bijan Robinson. The Falcons' offense is a good run unit. They run the ball a lot. They run the ball extremely well.

One of the biggest misconceptions out there in the fantasy community right now is that Arthur Smith is a bad coach. I totally disagree. He designs an incredible offense. And I believe that he'll open up the passing game, which is important for Bijan Robinson. Will open up the passing game if Desmond Ridder is good.

Last year, Marcus Mariota gave the Falcons league worst, bottom barrel. That's not Zach Wilson or Baker Mayfield with the Panthers level quarterback play. Drake London, excellent star, young ascending receiver. Kyle Pitts can have a bounce back year if he's healthy. Bijan Robinson is an uber talented runner and a pretty good pass catcher as well, he checks all of the boxes that you want in a fantasy running back, and I think he's going to be tethered to a good offense in Atlanta.

Say what you want about the value of the pick, running backs, all of that. What I can say is this though in fantasy football. I know it's going to upset traditionalists out there that don't like to take rookies. He hasn't played a down yet in the NFL. But get ready because this guy is going to be a first round pick in fantasy football leagues this summer because he is that good, and he checks every box that you're looking for. It is what it is. Get ready to deal with it.