Best and worst NHL goal songs

Which NHL goal song gives Toronto Maple Leafs fans nightmares and which new songs should teams consider playing when players light the lamp?

Video Transcript

OMAR: And then overtime started and I just watched poor [INAUDIBLE] just being this overwhelmed. And then that goal went in, and 10 years later I still hate that goal song. I can't stand it. It's haunting. It like attacks--

SAM CHANG: Like me and "Chelsea Dagger."


JULIAN MCKENZIE: Yeah, I was about to say. Like, "Kernkraft 400" and "Chelsea Dagger" are two songs you two, you guys, you two do not approval of that.

OMAR: I hate it, man. Every time I hear it it's like, ah.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Avry is there a song, like, is there a goal song that makes you cringe?

AVRY LEWIS-MCDOUGALL: For the record, those songs both suck anyway, goal songs [INAUDIBLE]


Goal songs or not, they suck so much.


OMAR: They're bad already.


JULIAN MCKENZIE: [INAUDIBLE] is not a bad song.

AVRY LEWIS-MCDOUGALL: Songs that make me cringe? Those two "Pumped Up Kicks" is awful. What else?

JULIAN MCKENZIE: "Pumped Up Kicks" was--

AVRY LEWIS-MCDOUGALL: Hall & Oates, Hall & Oates, the Leaf's goal song, garbage. Change it.

OMAR: They got to change that one, man.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: I'm surprised they haven't change it. I don't mind the song that much, but I'm surprised that, like, they haven't made it more fodder.

OMAR: Energetic, cool?

AVRY LEWIS-MCDOUGALL: Like, that [INAUDIBLE] is for Boomers.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Like, everything about the Leafs is supposed to be like young, energetic, cool, never stop whatever, like, whatever--

SAM CHANG: I'm surprised the Leafs haven't done the, like, personalized goal song thing.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Yeah, the Flames have that, which I'm very surprised about, considering how old school they could be. Even the members of the Flames have their own personalized, like, Milan Lucic's goal song is the AC Milan theme song.

OMAR: Yeah, and you hear it once a year. Oh. I'm sorry.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: To your point-- to your point, Omar, to this point, I have only heard it once. So you're not completely wrong.

AVRY LEWIS-MCDOUGALL: The Oilers still play [INAUDIBLE] for a goal song. I'm not kidding. Like, come on.

SAM CHANG: I have suffered the longest time. I would love, and they'll never do this because it's like, you'd have to take yourself not seriously, but the Canucks should use "I Predict a Riot" by the Kaiser Chiefs.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Oh, that's a good song.

SAM CHANG: Because like, A, the riot thing, but it's also like, it's got that kind of "Chelsea Dagger" thing where everyone can sing along and it's got that beat.


SAM CHANG: It would be really good.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: I think that's a good idea. I didn't realize we get to a point where we do like impromptu, like, pick your goal songs. Now before we get to some of these other topics here, I want to know, like, would that be like, if you were playing, if you're a professional hockey player, would you use that as your personal goal song? What would your goal song be?

OMAR: I don't know. I think I would want to--

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Why did you kiss your teeth, Avry?

AVRY LEWIS-MCDOUGALL: Me? I didn't kiss my teeth. That was Omar.

OMAR: That was me.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: That's what that sounded like.


OMAR: Oh, OK, that was me.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: I was like, what did that sound like?

OMAR: I don't know. I think I would want to pick something that was, like, annoyingly catchy. You know what I mean? Just because you want to make it a goal that, like, the opposition would hate to hear, right? So I don't know. Maybe like-- I feel like for the-- like, for the Leafs, I'm surprised it hasn't been anything Bieber related, just because they really try to, like, say, like, hey, Bieber is a fan, hey he has-- so I'm really surprised they haven't picked a Bieber song. So I don't know.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: "Baby" by Justin Bieber. No, that's probably well past its time.

OMAR: Yes, well, well past. I'm a big maybe "Peaches," that'd be funny.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: "Peaches" would be funny.

OMAR: That'd be funny.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Shout out-- shout out Justin Bieber, Daniel Caesar, and who else is on that song again? Daniel Caesar canceled himself, lowkey though. Anyway, we don't have to get on that.

He did. He did. I don't have to explain why. He did. He should be a staple at every wedding for the next decade, but he canceled himself.

I think it might be, for me, it might be either "Simon Says" by Pharoahe Monch or "Ante Up" by M.O.P. Like, and the Busta Rhymes remix on the M.O.P. song.

Like, you have to hear Busta Rhymes, like, yelling. Like, we need that. We need that. That would be my pick. Avry, which one would you pick?

AVRY LEWIS-MCDOUGALL: That's easy, Sean Paul, "Get Busy."


AVRY LEWIS-MCDOUGALL: That is easy. The minute I score, I want the crowd up and moving, I want the crowd to jump and get busy when I score a goal.

JULIAN MCKENZIE: Happy birthday, Sean Paul, by the way.

OMAR: They do that, and then pan the camera immediately to McDavid and just see what he does. Just like, he'd be just confused.


SAM CHANG: He would be so confused.