Will Anthony Richardson live up to the hype in Indianapolis? | PFF 2023 NFL Draft Show

The Pro Football Focus live draft show breaks down the Colts' decision to grab the former University of Florida QB with the fourth pick in this year's draft.

Video Transcript

CRIS COLLINSWORTH: We're seeing a paradigm shift at the quarterback position now in the National Football League, and I'm good with it. I really am. And I think they're going to-- I know he's been working with a quarterback coach to try and change his throwing motion, but--

- Wow.

CRIS COLLINSWORTH: He can do anything.

- And the critical thing is--

- Number four overall.

- That work with the quarterback coach, it doesn't have to be done by week one. Right? This is a two year type of project where we can get him on the field using this Shane Steichen run-heavy approach that he ran in PhiladelphiA-- that they're going to be running with the Colts now-- tap into that run game, use it to prop up the passing game that's not going to be great year one. Right? If he's still a 50% passer year one, it doesn't matter.

Justin Fields was last in the NFL last year in average passing yards per game, but the Bears' offense, in terms of EPA per play-- expected points added-- was just below average. Right? That gap is the running attack. So they can [MUTED] up and make him OK. The offense fine for a couple of years and give him two years of live reps to get better as a passer.

CRIS COLLINSWORTH: Can I-- Can I tell you what some of my buddies at the University of Florida were talking about during the season? They thought he was going to get benched.

- Yeah.

CRIS COLLINSWORTH: Now he's the number four pick and that's--

- That is crazy, isn't it?

CRIS COLLINSWORTH: It is. When you stop and think about it, there were some really bad moments. There were some bad misses and mistakes, but he takes your breath away with things that he can do. And when he takes off running, or when he launches a ball down the field, he just has too long of a motion. And I-- I am one that believes you can tighten up somebody's throwing motion and teach them how to throw it better.

He likes to be in the pocket. He wants to throw it from there. He's going to be getting into the RPO games here coming up, though, with the Colts. And we're going to see if he can live up to it. We're going to see if Jalen Hurts can be redone because that's exactly what they're trying to do here.