Anthony Richardson’s arrival could make Jonathan Taylor RB1 again | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

Yahoo Fantasy analyst Matt Harmon and Yahoo Sports senior NFL writer Charles McDonald discuss Indianapolis’ decision to draft the Florida quarterback and why it could lead to a bounce back season for 2021’s top running back in fantasy. Hear the full conversation on the “Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast” - subscribe on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts.

Video Transcript


MATT HARMON: OK, probably the most fun of these selections was Anthony Richardson to Indianapolis at the fourth overall pick. I mean, Chris Ballard has kicked the can down the road on taking a young quarterback for so many years. Has even said publicly, I don't want to take a young quarterback because it might end up getting me fired. Like, he's basically said that publicly. He ends up taking a guy that people think is a big gamble.

But I know that you and I, again, what we've talked about on this show is that, like, Anthony Richardson's a guy who could end up playing early because of the floor that his rushing ability might give you. So I don't know, Charles. I love this fit in Indianapolis. And I do think there's a pretty good chance-- like, we're going to have the whole conversation about Gardner Minshew. But I feel like Anthony Richardson is going to be the week one starter for the Indianapolis Colts.

CHARLES MCDONALD: Well, let's be real here, guys. You can create so much more offense even if Anthony Richardson's, like, this crummy little passer, which I don't think he is. Like, we're talking about a team that still has Quenton Nelson and Jonathan Taylor. We can at least run the ball. If we can't run the ball, then something's gone, like, seriously, seriously wrong because we're going to have two-- literally two of the top rushing threats in the entire NFL in our backfield with Anthony Richardson and Jonathan Taylor.

So as he gets used to, I think, the NFL-- the speed of the NFL game as far as passing-wise, that's just going to be-- make him even more dangerous. But, man, like, I-- I really like this fit for him. And you think about Shane Steichen and Jalen Hurts and the development that he had there. So obviously, you can basically insert Anthony Richardson right into the Jalen Hurts run game. And now you have Quenton Nelson, and like I said, Jonathan Taylor. There's potential for this to hit the ground running a little bit, even if it's not the most efficient passing game to start off with.

MATT HARMON: You mentioned Jonathan Taylor, who's going to be one of the biggest bounce-back candidates in fantasy this year. The guy's averaged 5.1 yards per carry for his career. Like, now with Anthony Richardson in the backfield, what do you set the over-under on in his yards per carry this year? Like, could he get-- could he get 6? I mean, could he be a--

CHARLES MCDONALD: You're talking about Anthony Richardson, right?

MATT HARMON: No, no, no.

CHARLES MCDONALD: Or Jonathan Taylor?

MATT HARMON: Jonathan Taylor has been a 5.1 yards per carry guy for his entire career. 5.5, his biggest season in 2021. Like, now he's got a mobile quarterback next to him. That does-- that has historically shown to boost efficiency for running backs. So I don't know. Like, he could end up being the best running back in fantasy again like he was a couple of years ago.