Andrei Vasilevskiy back to put fear into Maple Leafs

Tampa Bay goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy made 28 saves and was back to his best in the Lighting's 4-2 over Toronto in Game 5 of the first-round playoffs series.

Video Transcript

OMAR: They didn't do it for a multitude of reasons. First reason, Andrei Vasilevskiy is back. I guess all the days of talking about how he allows all these goals from the point. And if you screen them, it's fine and all the hoopla and all the hype around that.

I don't know looks, like its snapback, re-activated. Maybe that extra day off between game 4 and game 5, like, helped as well. But like, he was on it, which is funny, because he scored first. that first goal-- the first goal went by him.

And it was like hey, maybe we're still on the right track. But no, he dialed in. He buckled in. And he made a lot of great saves. Rob Gronkowski a couple of times had a great save on Nylander, has some good stops on Matthews, a great deflection stop on O'Reilly.

Like, he was dialed in. He gave Tampa Bay every opportunity to win. And it's weird because last couple of games, you know, the zero meter has been on Tampa's side, but this game was on our side. But they ended up pulling out the win so. Vassilevskiy being back is definitely scary for the Leafs.