A'ja Wilson on the Olympics: 'I'd love to be a part of Team USA once again'

Yahoo Sports' Kevin Chestnut caught up with the Las Vegas Aces superstar about her plans to head to Paris to represent Team USA -- plus, her excitement for this year's women's NCAA tournament. A'ja joined Yahoo Sports on behalf of Gaotrade and its new GatoradeID program.

Video Transcript


KEVIN CHESTNUT: What's up? It's Kevin Chestnut here with Yahoo Sports. Got a special guest, A'ja Wilson. Hey, A'ja.

A'JA WILSON: Hey, how are you?

KEVIN CHESTNUT: I'm fantastic. So tell me about what you got going on here with Gatorade.

A'JA WILSON: Yes. Well, I recently just signed with Gatorade. And I've come here to the GatoradeID experience. And it's also a program that you can get exclusive benefits. You can customize things. Because we all love a good customization. Like here, you can go to, and you can really just put things to you. Yeah, I got my bottle today. And I'm excited.

KEVIN CHESTNUT: It's looking good.

A'JA WILSON: Thank you.

KEVIN CHESTNUT: Green looks good on you.

A'JA WILSON: Thank you. And the 22, come on.

KEVIN CHESTNUT: I want to ask you about Team USA.


KEVIN CHESTNUT: So Dawn Staley is going to be coaching.


Are you going to be playing?

A'JA WILSON: You know, I hope that I'm in Paris I'm super excited. That's something that obviously is on my list again. I'm grateful to have a gold medal. But yes, I would love to be a part of Team USA once again.

KEVIN CHESTNUT: All right. You heard it here first. Team USA, let's get it going. All right. Also March Madness is coming up. The ladies game has exploded.


KEVIN CHESTNUT: I'm not going to say I'm more excited, but I'm more excited. I'm more excited. All right.


What do you think going in to March Madness and how the ladies game has exploded with Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark and--

A'JA WILSON: It's been incredible to watch. And to know that you're kind of in the growth of it, it's special. But to see what they're doing now, it's incredible. And I'm so happy that people are willing to watch. That's paying the tickets, going to sit into the games. We normally you have your powerhouses, and you kind of know, but this year it could be anybody's game. And I love that. And people are excited to watch the sport that we all love to play. So you already know who I'm going for. Go Gamecocks of course. But no, it should be a great March Madness for sure.

KEVIN CHESTNUT: Yeah, no doubt, no doubt. Those Gamecocks looking really good.

A'JA WILSON: Yeah, yeah.

KEVIN CHESTNUT: I know-- I know that's who you're rooting for. But do you think they're actually going to do it?

A'JA WILSON: Of course, I want them to actually do it. I know who their head coach is. And I love her for that. So no, they have it. They have all the pieces. But no, I'm going to be there rooting for them every step of the way.