AFC North clash, Cowboys vs. Rams highlight Week 5 NFL games

Bengals-Ravens is this weekends can't-miss game while the Eagles and Cowboys look to continue their winning ways before a crucial Week 6 head-to-head matchup.

Video Transcript

VOCH LOMBARDI: What's up y'all? It's Voch Lombardi. Watch every second of the NFL season, when and where you want it, only on The Zone. Let's get into some of the games I'm watching for week five. I want to start off with the Baltimore Ravens versus the Cincinnati Bengals. Now whenever these teams get together, it's already fun off of the strength that they're division opponents, right.

You know, it gets kind of weird with common opponents. But I think these are two teams that are 2 and 2, by the way, and they're trying to fight themselves out of this hole. So you got Lamar Jackson who is trying to get his money, and he's trying to win despite of his defense playing bad. And then you've got Joe Burrow, who the Cincinnati Bengals have laid stinkers the first two weeks of the season, but they're trying to get their recovery back into the playoff conversation.

Now it's always weird, we look at these teams that lose the Super Bowl and they just never end up coming back to it I think the Cincinnati Bengals, who are very talented, I think they're trying to fight that off. And you know, if the Bengals start to look a little funny, I think there's going to be some coaching conversation about Zac Taylor there. They're way too talented to get some of the outcomes, you know, that they're getting.

If I had to pick though, I would say the Cincinnati Bengals would probably get this win here, right. I think it's going to be a fun game. I think it's going to be a competitive game, probably high scoring since both defenses like to give up a gang of yards and points. But I think that the Cincinnati Bengals offense is super, super talented versus that Ravens defense that gives up yards and chunk plays. I'm going to give the nod to the Bengals.

After that, we got the Cowboys and the Rams, in which this shouldn't be a conversation because for one, the Cowboys are led by Cooper Rush. And at this point, you would think that the Cowboys would be like 0 and 5 or 0 and 4. I definitely thought, you know, when you lose Dak Prescott, I kind of lose hope. I'm a Cowboys fan. But Cooper Rush has kept this thing on the tracks. He is probably one of the best bus drivers in the league. And to be fair I think he's one of the best 32 quarterbacks in the league. We'll cross that road whenever we get there.

Going into this game, I had a lot of hope for the Rams. And when I say hope, that's just me thinking that my Cowboys wouldn't be good-- they wouldn't be good enough to beat them. But boy, when you look at what the Rams did on Monday Night Football versus the 49ers, I have no fear. I think the Cowboys D-line is-- they're going to take advantage of the Rams O-line and it's going to be a pretty weird night for Matthew Stafford.

Begrudgingly, I got my Dallas Cowboys. Cooper Rush is gonna-- he's going to remain undefeated and he's going to continue to have the NFL streets talking about him as if he's better than Dak Prescott. And lastly, we got the Eagles versus the Arizona Cardinals. I think the Eagles should win this clearly, but I want to know how they win. At some point, are we going to get Jalen Hurts to really do some advanced things passing the football? We know the Eagles rushing attack is fun. We know Jalen Hurts as a rushing quarterback is fun.

But I want to know, can they evolve before they run into the Dallas Cowboys defense in week six. And then you got the Arizona Cardinals, you are just trying to find any kind of hope to make this Kyler Murray contract worth-- worth a dadgum. I don't know if I can cuss on here, but worth a dadgum.

I'm going to say that-- I'm going to say the Eagles defense is going to make the Cardinals offense struggle just a little bit. I think they're going to get some pass rushers after Kyler Murray. I don't think Kyler Murray is going to study for four hours, and I think it's probably going to drop the Cardinals further down the standings.

I hate-- I hate-- as a Cowboy, I hate going for the Eagles, man. But what can you say? I try to be realistic here. I got the Eagles. But we're going to talk about Eagles versus Cowboys next week in week six, it's going to be fun. But as of now, I have the Eagles beating the Cardinals, so that should make for a good week six match up versus the Cowboys.