2023 Ford Escape Nalgene test

Ford gave its Escape compact crossover a few changes for the 2023 model year in a mid-cycle refresh. One thing Ford can't change, however, is just how thirsty we get. We need a container that can carry enough water to satisfy us. For some, that's a 32-ounce Nalgene. For others, that might be a Yeti or some other oversized bottle. The brand doesn't matter ... if it's huge, it's likely you'll have trouble finding a cupholder that can accommodate it in your vehicle. That's why we document our Nalgene tribulations, so we know which cars best foster an environment of convenient and complete hydration.

Video Transcript

- Hello there. John Snyder with the Autoblog here. And this in front of me is the 2023 Ford Escape ST line elite. And it's the all wheel drive one. So this has the 2-liter EcoBoost engine. Kind of a nice interior, refreshed looks. I'm digging that new front end and that light bar across the grille. And really nice shade of red. But you know what's not a really nice shade of red? You guessed it. My Nalgene.

This 32-ounce Nalgene water bottle which I like to bring places with me so I can stay hydrated throughout my day, especially while I'm driving because I get real thirsty. But let's see if there's any place to put it. Nice new interior. Look at that. I like that new infotainment. Nice stitching there. There's the cupholders. No, not even-- not even close.

So my second best spot, usually, is the door pockets. Now that doesn't look very promising, but let's see. Definitely won't go there. Yeah. Well, I'll be damned. It fits. All right. What about the back seat people? They're going to get thirsty. Right? So, let's see. Is it just me, or do those look a little bigger than the ones up front? No.

OK, well what about their doors? Ooh. Yeah, not going to fit. Well, at least it fit in the front doors. So anyway, there you have it. 2023 Ford Escape. You can put it in the front doors, but that's about it. Thanks for watching.