UConn overpowers Purdue, wins 6th National Championship in program history

Jason Fitz, Krysten Peek & Danny Green analyze UConn's 75-60 victory over Purdue in the National Championship game, discussing what worked well for the Huskies and how the Boilermakers were overwhelmed.

Video Transcript

JASON FITZ: For the first time since '06-'07, we have back to back men's NCAA basketball champions, as UConn takes down Purdue, 75 to 60. Krysten Peek, Danny Green, Jason Fitz for Yahoo Sports. Danny, just like all tournament, this was about dominance by Connecticut.

DANNY GREEN: It was. I love how Purdue came out, though. They really fought. I give them a lot of credit. Zach Edey led the way. He showed why they're here and why he should be a first round draft pick.

He came out very intense, set the tone but eventually wore off. You can't trade 2s to 3s. Even though Connecticut didn't shoot well from 3, they shot more and made more 3s and just wore them down. Zach Edey and Braden Smith, the only two guys scoring double figures for Purdue.

Wasn't enough scoring. And defensively, they just got tired and worn down. UConn was just a better team all around. The perimeter play was extremely impressive. And they just outplayed them in the second half.

KRYSTEN PEEK: I mean, this is going to be the only time we're ever going to see those two bigs play the way they did tonight. 7' 4", Zach Edey, 7' 2" Donovan Clinton banging in the post. And I really like the way that UConn targeted Edey in the pick and roll. And they were very successful, especially in the second half.

But it was the perimeter defense, I think, from UConn. You had Stefan Cassell, Tristen Newton, Cam Spencer just all over the court. Purdue coming in, shot 40% from 3 as a team. They only made one 3 the entire game. So defense and also just they had so many different ways to beat you. That was the difference.

DANNY GREEN: And they actually played better when Clinton was off the floor. They played faster. So Donovan got in some foul trouble. Their backup, Johnson, got in foul trouble. But they played really fast. They went smaller.

And they took advantage of that small ball against Edey, which I think gave Purdue some trouble. So give kudos Coach Hurley. He did a great job of making adjustments and said their guards did an excellent job of only double teaming him and also playing fast to make it harder for Edey.

JASON FITZ: Yet again, in a game where Connecticut didn't necessarily shoot the best from the outside compared to what we expected, they had foul trouble issues, they still get a dominant win. I just want to point out. The largest margin of victory in tournament history, and they become only the third team ever to win multiple championship games by 15 or more points. Interesting note. One of the other teams that did that, UCLA did it three straight years from '67 to '69. Nice. Let's see if that's a little motivation for UConn next year.