Road hockey game erupts on King St. in downtown Toronto

This is peak King Street Pilot. (Twitter/TheSalPatel)
This is peak King Street Pilot. (Twitter/TheSalPatel)

Canada, where peaceful protests sometimes look like this:

A classic road hockey game — a bit of school-yard puck, if you will — broke out in the heart of downtown Toronto around lunchtime on Tuesday. Players took to the middle of King Street decked out in full gear, and even had two fully-dressed goalies which, if you’ve ever played pickup or shinny, you realize what is a special treat.

Players had to move for taxis and streetcars, but other than that, it was clear sailing for the creative ‘demonstrators.’

The game was reportedly planned out of protest for the King Street Pilot, according to BlogTO, which the city is currently testing in an attempt to increase streetcar use and reduce non-city vehicles on the busy downtown street. The drastic reduction in traffic has caused many business operators to complain of dropping revenues as a result of the initiative, while regular transit riders have praised the pilot project for making the daily commute less hectic and more time-efficient.

One of those business owners who’s been most vocally against the KSP is the owner of Kit Kat restaurant, Al Carbone, who was handing out free pasta out front of his establishment during today’s road hockey game. “You’ve got to fight for what you believe in,” said Carbone.

One of the players tweeted out:

Even something as pure and holy as road hockey isn’t immune to being used as a political prop. Tragic times we live in.