‘Superior Donuts’ Star Jermaine Fowler Celebrates Finale With Behind-the-Scenes Pics

Season 1 of CBS’s Superior Donuts comes to an end tonight, and to mark the occasion, Yahoo TV asked star Jermaine Fowler to share some behind-the-scenes photos from the set, as well as his recent press tour in Chicago. Grab a donut and click through to check them out.

Superior Donuts airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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Happy Monday!

#Repost @jermainefowler:
TOMORROW I’ll be taking over the @yahootv account and posting some cool behind the scenes photos from #superiordonuts in celebration for our finale next Monday!!!
Here’s one from the mural episode aka my favorite episode.
(Photo: YahooTV via Instagram)

Yawn of a New Day

Up early to do some interviews in Chicago. I’m thinking about changing my mind on my stance against coffee. @jermainefowler #superiordonuts
(Photo: YahooTV via Instagram)

Time to Eat the Donuts?

Talking about donuts on a couch. I look so hungry in this photo because I am. — @jermainefowler #superiordonuts
(Photo: YahooTV via Instagram)

Tax Talk

#SuperiorDonuts director Jim Burrows and showrunner Bob Daily telling me where to do my taxes –@jermainefowler #BTS
(Photo: YahooTV via Instagram)

Cinco Celebration

Spending part of #CincodeMayo with a mariachi band! Sadly, they didn’t know any Steely Dan. — @jermainefowler #SuperiorDonuts #superiordonuts #BTS
(Photo: YahooTV via Instagram)

Buddy Comedy

Nothin but love –@jermainefowler #juddhirsch #superiordonuts @superiordonuts @cbstv
(Photo: YahooTV via Instagram)

Tipsy on TV?

They gave me a tequila cupcake and now I’m slurring my words. #LowToleranceGang — @jermainefowler @superiordonuts @cbstv
(Photo: YahooTV via Instagram)

Am I in Trouble?

I’ve gotten this look from my parents one too many times. — @jermainefowler @superiordonuts @cbstv
(Photo: YahooTV via Instagram)

TV Twins

The face you make when you realize you and Judd Hirsch are both rocking flannel in the same episode. ???????? — @jermainefowler #juddhirsch @superiordonuts #BTS @cbstv
(Photo: YahooTV via Instagram)

The Donut Bunch

Best damn cast on TV. Yeah, I said it. — @jermainefowler #juddhirsch @kateylous @davidkoechner @mazjobrani @annabaryshnikov @dasefatcap @rellbattle @superiordonuts @cbstv
(Photo: YahooTV via Instagram)

Break Time

After a long day of doing press I’m treating myself to some #guardiansofthegalaxy2 and #Logic’s new album. I multitask my ass off. — @jermainefowler @superiordonuts @cbstv
(Photo: YahooTV via Instagram)

Bye for Now!

Thank you for following along today! Make sure to check out the @superiordonuts season finale Monday, May 8 at 9 pm on #CBS! –@jermainefowler #superiordonuts @cbstv
(Photo: YahooTV via Instagram)