‘Stranger Things’ Stars Talk Fan Encounters, ‘Dark’ Season 2 at Netflix Emmy Event

What’s one word to describe Stranger Things Season 2? According to the cast, it’s “dark.” Yahoo TV caught up with the cast at Netflix’s FYSEE Emmy event in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Tuesday, June 6, and asked each of them to sum up the sophomore season in two words. “Dark and emotional,” said Millie Bobbie Brown (Eleven). “Dark and awesome,” echoed Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas). “Dark and eerie,” added Noah Schnapp (Will). And on it went. “Darker and exciting,” said Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), while Finn Wolfhard called the new season “classic and dark.” While the cast has been well trained to stay spoiler-free in interviews, they were happy to talk about their craziest fan encounters, what they love most about the ’80s, and more.

Stranger Things Season 2 premieres Tuesday, October 31 on Netflix. 

Millie Bobby Brown

The actress says she knew Stranger Things was going to be big the weekend it premiered; she was on vacation in Tahoe with her family and her Instagram account suddenly started blowing up.

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David Harbour

Harbour says he was “really scared” before Season 1 premiered because the role of Chief Hopper “felt like an opportunity I’d never really had.”

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Gaten Matarazzo

Matarazzo says one of the things he loves most about the ’80s is “the freedom that the kids had.” His strangest fan encounter, meanwhile, was when a fan ran up to him at a Six Flags amusement part, grabbed his arm for a second, and then ran away screaming, “I touched him!”

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Noah Schnapp

Schnapp told us that it took 10-15 takes to film the scene in the season finale when Will — freshly returned from the Upside Down — vomits out some disgusting-looking slug-like things in the sink. “It was pretty gross,” says Schnapp, who added that the “slugs” were actually a mixture of applesauce and gummy candy.

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Caleb McLaughlin

McLaughlin says he hopes fans have this reaction to Season 2: “Oh my gosh, this is better than the first season. I love it so much!”

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Finn Wolfhard

Wolfhard has seen fans with Eleven tattoos, and even someone with an Eggo on their back. He says sometimes fans follow him and ask for photos.

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Gaten Matarazzo and Finn Wolfhard

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The Duffer Brothers

Earlier this year, Ross and Matt Duffer gave Yahoo TV a few teases about Season 2: “We’ve got this doorway to another dimension that’s still open,” says Ross. And Will’s long stay in the Upside Down will likely have “some adverse effects,” he added.

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The Cast on Stage

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A life-sized version of an Eleven Funko Pop! figure.

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