‘Battle of the Network Stars’: See First Look Photos From Upcoming Episodes

Kelly Woo
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Celebrities, get ready to rumble!

ABC’s revival of Battle of the Network Stars is bringing together stars of today and yesterday. One hundred celebrities from beloved current and classic television shows are battling in obstacle courses and athletic challenges.

The stars are divided into 20 themed teams, from TV cops to sex symbols to troublemakers. They’ll engage in everything from tug-of-war to archery to kayak relay.

Yahoo TV as first look photos from four upcoming episodes:

* Primetime Soaps (Ian Ziering, Josh Henderson, Gabrielle Carteris, Donna Mills, Mischa Barton) vs. ABC Stars (Olivia d’Abo, Shari Belafonte, Michael Fishman, Jason Hervey, Anson Williams)

* Cops (Erik Estrada, Larry Wilcox, Kelly Hu, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, Lorenzo Lamas) vs. TV Sitcoms (Todd Bridges, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Dave Foley, Willie Garson, Jenna von Oy)

* TV Moms & Dads (Chad Lowe, Greg Evigan, Ted McGinley, Lesley Fera, Jackee Harry) vs. TV Kids (Jimmie Walker, Mackenzie Phillips, Jonathan Lipnicki, Krista Marie Yu, Jeremy Miller)

* Cops (Marisol Nichols, Roma Maffia, Adrian Zmed, Fred Dryer, Ryan Paevey) vs. Sci-Fi Fantasy (Lou Ferrigno, Vinnie Jones, Charisma Carpenter, Kevin Sorbo, Jill Wagner)

Click through this slideshow to get a sneak peek of these celebs in battle mode and tune in when their episodes air this summer on ABC!

Battle of the Network Stars airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

Gabrielle Carteris

Carteris (Beverly Hills, 90210) raises her arms and roars as she prepares to slide.

(Photo Credit: Kelsey McNeal/ABC)

Josh Henderson and Olivia D’Abo

Henderson (Dallas) and D’Abo (The Wonder Years) swing in the golf round.

(Photo Credit: Kelsey McNeal/ABC)

Olivia D’Abo

D’Abo has the eye of the tiger while sparring with the boxing bag.

(Photo Credit: Kelsey McNeal/ABC)

Ian Ziering, Donna Mills, Demarcus Ware, Cassidy Hubbarth, Gabrielle Carteris, and Josh Henderson

Ziering (Beverly Hills, 90210) pumps up Team Primetime Soaps in front of reporter Hubbarth.

(Photo Credit: Byron Cohen/ABC)

Demarcus Ware, Gabrielle Carteris, and Olivia D’Abo

Carteris and D’Abo are on their marks, ready to get set, and dive in for the swimming relay.

(Photo Credit: Byron Cohen/ABC)

Leigh-Allyn Baker, Dave Foley, Ronda Rousey, Jenna von Oy, Todd Bridges, Cari Champion, and Willie Garson

The TV Sitcoms team seem to have a little trouble with the kayak relay.

(Photo Credit: Kelsey McNeal/ABC)

Dave Foley, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Jenna von Oy, Todd Bridges, and Willie Garson

Team TV Sitcoms put on their game faces for tug-of-war.

(Photo Credit: Kelsey McNeal/ABC)

Ted McGinley, Lesley Fera, Jackee Harry, Chad Lowe, Damarcus Ware, Mackenzie Phillips, Greg Evigan, Ronda Rousey, Jimmie Walker, Krista Marie Yu, and Jeremy Miller

Evigan (My Two Dads) begins his leg of the kayak relay for Team TV Moms & Dads against Team TV Kids.

(Photo Credit: Byron Cohen/ABC)

Jimmie Walker, Mackenzie Phillips, Jonathan Lipnicki, and Krista Marie Yu

Walker (Good Times) runs through tires as the rest of Team TV Kids cheers him on.

(Photo Credit: Kelsey McNeal/ABC)

Demarcus Ware, Ted McGinley, Chad Lowe, Greg Evigan, and Lesley Fera

Lowe (Pretty Little Liars) prepares to swing across a water moat for Team TV Moms & Dads.

(Photo Credit: Kelsey McNeal/ABC)

Lou Ferrigno

Ferrigno (Incredible Hulk) concentrates on his target during the archery challenge for Team Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

(Photo Credit: Kelsey McNeal/ABC)

Kevin Sorbo

Sorbo (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys) runs like the wind in the relay race for Team Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

(Photo Credit: Byron Cohen/ABC)

Marisol Nichols and Ryan Paevey

Time to slide for Team TV Cops competitors Nichols (24) and Paevey (General Hospital).

(Photo Credit: Byron Cohen/ABC)

Kevin Sorbo, Lou Ferrigno, and Vinnie Jones

Team Sci-Fi/Fantasy Sorbo, Ferrigno, and Jones swap stories on the sidelines between challenges.

(Photo Credit: Byron Cohen/ABC)