Air Jordans: 1984-2012

In celebration of Michael Jordan's 50th birthday on Feb. 17, here is a look at the shoes he made famous.


Air Jordan I - "Notorious" (1984): The shoe that started it all. The original black and red version was barred by the NBA for "non-regulation colors." (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan II - "Italian Stallion" (1987): Jordan won his first dunk title in these shoes. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan III - "Gotta Be The Shoes" (1988): This was the shoe that sparked Mars Blackmon (played by Spike Lee) to declare, "It's gotta be the shoes." Jordan won his first MVP award wearing these shoes. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan VII - "Pure Gold" (1992): NBA title, sixth scoring title, Olympic gold medal. Not a bad year for MJ. Design of the shoe was borrowed from West African tribal art. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan IV - "Taking Flight" (1989): Cleveland Cavaliers fans must rue these shoes; Jordan wore these when he hit "The Shot" to beat them in Game 5 of their first-round playoff series. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan V - "The Fighter" (1990): Inspired by a World War II fighter plane, MJ scored 69 points against the Celtics in a pair of these. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan VI - "Promised Land" (1991): Featuring a Porsche-inspired pull tab, MJ won his first NBA championship in these shoes. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan VIII - "Strap In" (1993): Featuring a strap and a fuzzy jumpman logo, this was one of the heaviest model of Air Jordans. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan IX - "Perfect Harmony" (1994): Jordan retired before the release of this shoe, he never wore them in an NBA game. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan X - "The Legacy Continues" (1995): Despite his retirement, the shoe continues. On the sole of the Xs is a list of Jordan's accomplishments. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan XI - "Class Act" (1996): In his first full season back after retirment, Jordan led the Bulls to 72 wins and a fourth title. MJ wore these in "Space Jam." (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan XII - "The Dynasty Continues" (1997): Inspired by a 19th century dress shoe, Jordan wore these in the "flu game" against Utah. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan XIII - "Black Cat Pounces" (1998): Who knew that "Black Cat" was Jordan's secret nickname? Not the designer. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan XIV - "Race Ready" (1999): Inspired by MJ's Ferrari, this was the shoe he wore when he hit "The Shot II" against the Utah Jazz. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan XV - "Speed of Sound" (200o): MJ retires again, prompting the XVs to feature the numbers 23/6/15 on the heal of the shoe: his jersey number, number of NBA titles and number of Air Jordans. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan XVI - "Marching On" (2001): The marching-boot design signifies MJ's move from the court to the front office. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan XVII - "Jazzed Up" (2002): Packaged in a metal briefcase and includes a CD-ROM, this is the shoe MJ wore in his return to the court with the Washington Wizzards. The sole's designed is based on a golf course, an homage to Jordan's retirement. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan XVIII - "Last Dance" (2003): Jordan wore this shoe on his last game, April 16, 2003. The shoe's design was inspired by the Lamborghini Murcilago and came with a towel, brush and "driver's manual." (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan XIX - "Full Flex" (2004): The first shoe after Jordan's final retirement, MJ helped in the design of the flexible upper portion of the shoe. This is the most lightweight of all the Air Jordans. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan XX - "Living Greatness" (2005): The 20th anniversary edition, the laser etching on the upper part of the shoe commemorates MJ's life. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan XX1 - "Performance Luxury Dna" (2006): Inspired by the Bentley Continental GT Coupe. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


 Air Jordan XX2 - "Hit The Afterburners" (2007): A camoflauge pattern reflects the F22 Raptor Fighter jet the shoe was modeled after. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan XX3 - "The Number of Greatness" (2008): Combining performance and sustainability, this shoe is considered a "masterpiece" by Nike. Why the extra care? It's number 23, of course. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan 2009 - "Beyond" (2009): Inspired by Jordan's focus on defense. (Photo courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan 2010 - "Full Speed Ahead" (2010): The 25th edition celebrates MJ's ability to "see through" oponents. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan 2011 - "Choose Your Flight" (2011): Endorsed by Dwyane Wade, the inspiration is MJ's "multi-weapon" skills and Wade's all-around athleticism. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)


Air Jordan 2012 - "One Shoe. Three Flights." (2012): The zoot suit design reflects a young MJ's brash style of play and confidence. (Photo Courtesy of Nike)