Trevor Zegras sets hockey world on fire with ridiculous spinning, blindfolded goal

Trevor Zegras continues to make magic happen on the ice.
Trevor Zegras continues to make magic happen on the ice.

Trevor Zegras has revitalized the NHL’s All-Star Breakaway Challenge, pulling off a move that truly needs to be seen to be believed.

The Anaheim Ducks forward first stripped off the typical team uniform, and as an homage to the classic 2004 film Dodgeball, wore an Average Joe’s Gym shirt and shorts. And of course, he needed to be blindfolded as well if he wanted to truly honour the movie and show off his skills.

What seemed impossible before Friday’s All-Star Skills Competition – to score a shootout goal blindfolded in non-hockey gear – suddenly looked easy.


In addition to the multiple hindering factors — which included literal dodgeballs littering the ice — the effortless grace was just a sight to behold.

As is usually the case when something absolutely mind-boggling happens, the hockey world was set ablaze.

Even though Zegras pulled off something absolutely wild, the hometown player in Alex Pietrangelo actually ended up being crowned the winner of the competition. The result is just further proof that life isn't fair.

These moves aren’t anything new for Zegras either. It seems that every week the 20-year-old treats us to something that we have never seen on the ice before. Whether it’s a full-speed Michigan goal or lobbing a puck over the net for a teammate to bat out of the air for a goal, Zegras consistently makes magic happen.

All the fancy stuff has earned Zegras and his Ducks teammates a fairly solid playoff spot in the standings halfway through the season, with a 23-16-9 record that's currently good for third place in the Pacific Division.

Zegras has 12 goals, 32 points, and now a blindfolded breakaway goal through 42 games in 2021-22. I wonder how John Tortorella feels about this latest act of wizardry.

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