Zooey Deschanel just underwent a blonde hair transformation and looks *so* different

Not only are we questioning "who’s she?" after seeing Zooey Deschanel's recent hair transformation, but it seems she, herself, is too. I guess when it comes to a jaw-dropping beauty look, we can always count on collective confusion to unite us all.

Now, if you have no idea what said hair transformation consists of, allow me to fill you in. Taking to her Instagram feed just short of 24 hours ago, Zooey shared a two-part carousel post debuting a look like no other. Enter: 60s-inspired blonde bouffant curls.

Yep, you read that right; her trademark chocolate brunette strands and full fringe cut that she's been rocking since, well, forever, is nowhere to be seen.

Now you see them:

Now you don't:

It's as if by magic she's taking us back to the era of counterculture and rock 'n' roll!

Making for such a dramatic makeover, Zooey's locks have been – what we're assuming to be – dyed bleach blonde with a dark natural root, while styled in a middle part and teased at the crown. That, or she's wearing a wig. The latter may seem more plausible but the former certainly makes for more fun (read: suspense and drama), right?

Writing the words on everyone's lips, the actor captions her post: "who’s she?". To which friends and fans responded hilariously in the comments section. Read a select few of our faves below:

"Everyday she proves why people would’ve not recognised Clark Kent was Superman"

"That’s Katie….Jess’s alter ego"

"Who’s that girllllllll?"

"Ma'am, this is a Sephora."

"Ask Rod Stewart"

"Elf 2 Jovie love ❤️ Buddy"

"She’s my dream hair, that’s who 😍😍😍"

"Jessica Knight!!! 🙌"

We may not be 100 per cent on who she is, exactly, but what we do know is that the following will be played on repeat All. Day. Alexa, play 'Who's That Girl?' by Eve.

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