'You LOVE to see it': Robert Griffin III, Johnny Manziel, many others congratulate Reggie Bush on Heisman

The news that Reggie Bush would be getting his 2005 Heisman Trophy back on Wednesday took everyone by surprise. It made total sense to reinstate him given how college sports have changed since the advent of NIL, but it still felt like something that would never happen.

People love being right, but in this case, many are happy to take the L since it means Bush will be able to take his rightful place among the greats of college football.

Everyone — pundits, players and fans alike — was delighted by the announcement that Bush will be getting his Heisman back, and some didn't hold back their emotions. Bush's biggest cheerleader was former quarterback Johnny Manziel, who became the youngest Heisman Trophy winner in 2012. He has strongly advocated for Bush to get his trophy back, and was so happy to see that work pay off for Bush.

More of his fellow Heisman winners, as well as NFL players from across the country, cheered and congratulated Bush on getting his trophy back. Matt Leinart even FaceTimed with Bush right after the ceremony, and well wishes came from Darius Butler, Kenny Stills, Shawne Merriman and more.

Analysts and other media members were also happy to see the Heisman Trust make the right decision.

Bush being allowed back into the hallowed halls of Heisman winners does mean something more than just the return of his trophy. It means the Heisman House is getting a new resident! Car company Nissan created the Heisman House series of commercials to air during college football season, and they feature Heisman winners like Manziel, Tim Tebow, Robert Griffin III, Baker Mayfield, presumptive No. 1 NFL draft pick Caleb Williams, Matt Leinart, Barry Sanders, Charles Woodson and others.

The internet is pretty excited to see what Bush brings to the new season of ads, which will likely start airing this August.