Woman captures ‘haunted’ moving toy on camera

A TikTok user is freaking people out after capturing a “haunted” toy moving on camera.

User Holly Armstrong posted a video of a Chucky-esque doll sitting on the top shelf of a closet, which already has nearly 1 million likes.

Though you can’t see the doll’s face in the video, you can see its legs — and they are inexplicably moving as if the doll is tapping its feet.

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In overlaid text, Amstrong said that she took the video “5 seconds before [she] jetted out of [the] house and threw a match behind [her].”

Of course, Amstrong didn’t actually set the house on fire, but the seemingly possessed doll did spook her and plenty of people in the comments.

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“I’m terrified,” one person said.

“Nah bro that’s Chucky,” another user added.

“You need to cleanse that room and tell that spirit to go,” a third person noted.

Since many people were concerned for Armstrong’s safety, she posted a follow-up video on August 6, explaining that she came across the doll while housesitting.

“I felt creepy crawlies just being upstairs by myself,” she said. “All that happened is I left afterwards and I notified the family. They’re going to further investigate it.”

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