Wisconsin governor gifts 'Make The Bucks Great Again' hat to President Trump

Trump flashes a smile as Wisconsin governor Scott Walker gifts the President with a Bucks-themed MAGA hat. (Twitter/@ScottWalker)

Though it’s common for a government representatives to back their state’s sports franchises, Scott Walker’s gift to President Trump has certainly raised some eyebrows.

The governor of Wisconsin, who’s busy trying to drum up support for the Milwaukee Bucks in their playoff series against the Toronto Raptors, recently shared a photo of the gift he had given to President Trump on social media. The gift ― a custom “Make The Bucks Great Again” hat ― is an obvious play on Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign cap.

Along with the hat, a custom jersey with Trump’s name was also presented to the President.

Though Bucks center Spencer Hawes might be one of the rare players in the NBA who may want one of these hats, it remains to be seen how his Bucks teammates feel governor Walker’s gift. Especially rookie Thon Maker, who was nearly affected by Trump’s proposed travel ban. Maker was born in Sudan, one of the seven countries Trump had included on his notorious travel ban.