WHL players recreate iconic Zegras-Milano goal during game

Trevor Zegras has started a movement.

After he and Anaheim Ducks teammate Sonny Milano synced up for an incredible and mind-bending goal and faced some criticism from some hockey men for pulling off such a daring move, the thought of attempting it has seeped into every player’s mind.

It takes some guts to try and chip the puck from behind the net, overtop the opposing goaltender, and for a teammate to bat it out of the air for a goal, but now we can say it’s been done multiple times in a live game. Add the Portland Winterhawks duo of Cross Hanas and James Stefan to the list of teammates that have successfully scored the unnamed trick shot.

“I think it’s just something that has come about here in the recent weeks with Zegras doing it and stuff. Every hockey player sees that stuff and goes, ‘Oh my gosh, that was unreal,’” Hanas said after the 4-1 win over the divisional-rival Spokane Chiefs.

“I was just behind the net and the ‘D’ were really pressuring me, and I don’t know, me and [Stefan] talked about it during intermissions because we had another chance in the second – we didn’t pull it, but we talked about it. I had another chance in the third to do it and I mean, that’s all about hockey, to kind of take risks and see what happens. I picked it up, took the risk, and [Stefan] thankfully batted it out or else I would have looked a little stupid.”

Yeah, maybe you need a multi-goal lead to try and score one with style, or else you will get an earful from both benches.

The Zegras-Milano goal is trying to be recreated across all levels of hockey.
The Zegras-Milano goal is trying to be recreated across all levels of hockey.

Hanas, a Detroit Red Wings prospect, has already scored two Michigan-style goals for the Winterhawks in his 161 games playing for the historic junior franchise, so he is certainly comfortable trying the extraordinary from below the goal line.

It took less than two weeks for a pair of players to successfully attempt and score a “Zegras,” so goaltenders around the world will have to watch their back even more from now on.

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