Watch: Tom Brady runs faster 40-yard dash 24 years after his NFL combine performance

Tom Brady achieved virtually everything in his 23 seasons in the NFL — highlighted by his seven Super Bowls — but it is what he couldn't achieve that helped make his legacy what it is.

Brady can now take one of those items from his defeat list and add it to his win column: his original 40-yard dash at the 2000 NFL scouting combine. Twenty-four years removed from participating in the NFL combine — and a year removed from officially retiring — Brady attempted to run the 40 again at 46 years old. His original 40-yard clocked in at 5.28 seconds.

The former sixth-round pick out of Michigan accomplished the challenge in a workout video for NoBull, proving that he is faster now at 46 years old than when he was 22.

Brady had two friends clock his 40-yard dash in the video, one clocking him at 5.18 seconds and the other at 5.12.

"24 years later, redemption is spelled T O M," Brady wrote in on social media.

But, as is often the case with great competitors, Brady wasn't satisfied with his performance. He set a new goal for himself:

Tom Brady combine results

Brady tested in the 40-yard dash, 20-yard split, 10-yard split, vertical jump, 20-yard shuttle and the 3-cone drill at the 2000 NFL Combine.

Here are Brady's results from the 2000 combine:

  • 40-yard dash: 5.28 seconds

  • 20-yard split: 2.99 seconds

  • 10-yard split: 1.77 seconds

  • Vertical jump: 24.5 inches

  • 20-yard shuttle: 4.38 seconds

  • 3-cone drill: 7.20 seconds

This article originally appeared on Detroit Free Press: Tom Brady beats NFL combine 40-yard dash time, 24 years later