Watch: Pro bowler does afro-assisted celebration after strike

Kyle Troup, a 25-year-old professional bowler, is wowing fans with his play and strange celebrations. (Maximiliano Bretos/Twitter)

In a sport full of unknowns, Kyle Troup is anything but – thanks to his skills and afro.

The 25-year-old professional bowler is rocking one serious fro, and he put every inch of his glorious hair to work on Sunday during the PBA Doubles Championship. After throwing a strike and turning around to face the cheering crowd, Troup whipped out two afro picks and gave them an aggressive, two-handed, double pump through his hair in celebration.

In the second most notable achievement of the day for Troup, he and his teammate Jesper Svensson won the championship to top it all off. Truly inspirational, and the win was pretty good, too.