Viral Video Crushes Donald Trump With His Own Words About Pleading The Fifth

·1 min read

Progressive PAC MeidasTouch highlights yet more hypocrisy from Donald Trump by flipping the former president’s own comments about pleading the Fifth against him in its new viral ad.

Trump rants about people invoking their Fifth Amendment rights in the 64-second video, which garnered almost half a million views in its first 12 hours on Twitter alone and caused the #TrumpIsGuilty hashtag to trend on the platform.

The ex-president calls the move “disgraceful” and says only “the mob takes the fifth” in the clip.

But Trump’s words are cut alongside footage of his allies and enablers invoking the privilege during various probes — including his son Eric Trump, who reportedly pleaded the Fifth more than 500 times during the New York attorney general’s investigation into Trump Organization finances.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.


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