Vaccination rate among NBA players jumped to 95% since training camps opened

The start of NBA training camps convinced some players to finally get the COVID-19 vaccine. Player vaccination rates were already high around the league, but reportedly jumped to 95% since camps have opened, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

That figure includes players who have received one shot.

During the offseason, NBPA executive director Michele Roberts told Yahoo Sports' Vincent Goodwill the vaccination rate among players was 90%.

NBA can't mandate players receive COVID-19 vaccine

The NBA can't mandate players receive the COVID-19 vaccine without NBPA approval, but the league has highly encouraged players to get vaccinated.

The league is reportedly considering protocols that would make the season significantly difficult for unvaccinated players. Those protocols involve daily testing for unvaccinated players, limiting where unvaccinated players can go while away from the team and preventing non-vaccinated players from eating with their vaccinated teammates.

In addition to that, some players will be prevented from playing home games with their clubs depending on local COVID-19 mandates.

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving and Golden State Warriors forward Andrew Wiggins have come under criticism for their refusal to get vaccinated. New York City and San Francisco are among the cities that will require everyone attending large sports gatherings to be vaccinated. The NBA reportedly plans to dock pay for players who miss games due to local COVID-19 mandates.