Uefa rejects accusation of delays to Barnabas Varga treatment following horror collision

 (Bradley Collyer/PA Wire)
(Bradley Collyer/PA Wire)

Uefa insisted there was no delay in the treatment of Barnabas Varga, who suffered broken bones to his face in a horrific collision in his side’s Euro 2024 clash with Scotland.

Hungary striker Varga was carried off on a stretcher during his side’s clash in Stuttgart in the 68th minute and remains stable in hospital.

Varga collided with Angus Gunn and Anthony Ralston while competing for a ball in the air and clattered hard into the ground and appeared to be knocked unconscious.

His teammates immediately called for medical attention and manager Marco Rossi appeared to be furiously screaming at the stretcher carriers for not getting onto the field of play more quickly.

Hungary’s Barnabas Varga is taken from the pitch on a stretcher (Bradley Collyer/PA) (PA Wire)
Hungary’s Barnabas Varga is taken from the pitch on a stretcher (Bradley Collyer/PA) (PA Wire)

Uefa has responded in a statement: “With regards to the medical intervention following the head injury suffered by Barnabas Varga of Hungary, we would like to clarify that the intervention of the team doctor happened within 15 seconds of the incident, followed immediately by the second stadium doctor, to conduct a first assessment of the injury and provide appropriate treatment, as per customary medical procedures.

“The qualified pitchside emergency team were waiting pitchside, according to their protocol, and arrived with the stretcher as soon as their intervention was requested by the medics to evacuate the player for his immediate transfer to hospital.

“The coordination between all the medical staff on site was professional and everything was done in accordance with the applicable medical procedures. There was no delay in the treatment of and assistance to the player.”

A statement from the Hungarian Football Federation read: “Barnabas Varga’s condition is stable. The Ferencvaros player is currently in one of the hospitals in Stuttgart. We will inform you immediately if there is any news about his status.”

And in his post-match press conference, Rossi added further clarity, saying: “I’m not sure if it was a collision with the goalkeeper, it was a confused situation, that’s why the VAR was checking. The players were saying he looked unconscious so everyone was really worried about his condition and worried about the fact that the doctors arrived late, we can say, but they probably didn't realise it was a dangerous situation.

“Thankfully he is not under risk, he will be operated on here (points to cheek). He’s healthy, and that’s the most important thing. If we go through, he is no longer part of the team"