Twitch streamer notices head indent while shaving hair for charity: 'This is where my headphones go!'

Gamer and Twitch streamer Curtoss live-streamed the moment he shaved his hair for charity on his Twitch channel, only to get a bit of a surprise mid-shave: The top of his head appeared to have an indent from wearing his gaming headphones.

Viewers witnessed Curtoss’s genuine shock as he realized mid-stream that his head had been so affected by his headphones. Fortunately, the indent is not permanent.

“The shaver’s working like a champ,” Curtoss says at the beginning of the video as he starts out shaving strong. Then, his expression quickly shifts to shock as he spots a noticeable line running across the top of his head.

“I have like an indent right there,” he yells. “This is where my headphones go on my head! What the f***. I thought that was just my hair!”

There are risks to wearing headphones for long periods of time, as gamers do, but generally speaking, permanently indenting your head isn’t one of them. In fact, Headphonesty reports that it requires almost 300 pounds of pressure to actually fracture the skull, so headphones can’t come close to permanently hurting your head just from wearing them.

What headphones can do is temporarily crease your hair as well as the skin on your head, but don’t worry: it’s not permanent. For instance, Headphonesty compares the temporary indent that can happen on top of your head from headphones to the indent that eyeglass-wearers can get on the bridge of their noses.

Curtoss is also not the first gamer or streamer to realize that gaming headphones have left their mark — literally. Streamer Tyler Steinkamp, better known as Tyler1, also has a similar video discussing how shocked he was by the visible indent on the top of his head.

Headphones are popular for gamers — more than half of all gamers reported using them in a 2019 gaming survey, while the other half reported plans to purchase them soon.

Experts do recommend that gamers wear over-the-ear headphones during gaming to reduce the risks that can incur with long gaming sessions. For instance, over-the-ear headphones can help protect your hearing and avoid damage to inner ear cartilage.

Gadget Review also recommends wearing over-the-ear headphones without a wire so the wire doesn’t pull on your head or neck or cause you to strain your posture in any way.

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