'A truly gut-wrenching day'

Daniel Farke  consoles his Leeds United players
[Getty Images]

Neil Johnston, BBC Sport at Wembley:

A truly gut-wrenching day for Leeds. Daniel Farke enjoyed two promotions with Norwich but he's going to have to wait for a third. Leeds are going to have to plan for another season in the Championship.

BBC Sport's Ian Woodcock at Wembley:

Amazing how quickly these places can empty.

Leeds' players stayed out on the pitch in the main for the trophy lift and a few fans remained in their seats but there's maybe about five of them left now.

The journey back to West Yorkshire (and beyond for many) will feel a lot longer than the one down did.

As for Southampton? Their fans aren't in much of a hurry to go anywhere just now, as Queen's "We are the Champions" blasts out.