Trixie Mattel announces she's alive after fans assumed she was dead

Trixie Mattel might slay, but she is not dead.

The RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 3 winner, UNHhhh cohost, makeup mogul, folk singer-songwriter, and two-time book author might have the kind of workload that could put anyone into an early grave, but the 33-year-old's fanbase thought she'd legitimately passed away when a news outlet shared an Instagram post honoring the queer entertainer with a photo format many likened to that of an obituary.

"So, I am not dead," Trixie said in a video update on TiKTok (above), referring to scores of responses to a Thursday evening image shared to the NBC Out Instagram page, which has committed to sharing individual portraits of influential LGBTQIA+ figures to its grid throughout June. "In the comments, everybody's like, 'Are you dead?' I'm not dead. I'm not dead. Pride Month has not killed me yet, but still could happen!"

EW has since confirmed that Trixie is definitely "not dead," a representative for the drag superstar says.

Trixie Mattel
Trixie Mattel

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Trixie Mattel

Among those alarmed by the post was fellow RuPaul's Drag Race alum Joey Jay, who commented, "Lmao we love that dead bitch," while Queer Eye star Bobby Berk added that his "heart just dropped thinking she was dead."

Chasten Buttigieg also jokingly commented on the image: "I did not need this kind of anxiety today. Out here making me think she's dead. And during Pride? In this economy?!"

The NBC Out page eventually addressed the feedback in a message of its own.

"Point taken! The format will change TOMORROW," the account wrote in a comment. "Apologies for causing mass community anxiety."

See the image that ignited Trixie Mattel death rumors above.

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