Tom Brady reacts to Bears’ Caleb Williams aiming to surpass him in Super Bowl rings

Bears rookie quarterback Caleb Williams has some lofty goals for his NFL careers, including winning eight Super Bowls — which is just one more than the GOAT himself, Tom Brady.

It is a wonderful goal to have if you’re Williams. The Bears have only won five playoff games in the last 35 years, so you can understand why folks might smirk at the remark. But Williams has come to Chicago to rewrite history, which includes bringing back a winning culture and leaving a lasting impact.

During an appearance on NFL Network, Brady was asked about Williams’ lofty goal of surpassing his seven Super Bowl championships — and he had some very interesting things to say about the idea. 

“Everyone’s going to find different ways for motivation, and that’s certainly a way Caleb can find it,” Brady said. “…I think that there’s a lot that goes into winning one (Super Bowl). You have to set your goals high, and I would never tell anyone they can’t achieve anything. If people had told me I couldn’t achieve anything, that would’ve been discouraging, and I don’t want people to discourage young athletes one bit.

“I think people should always reach for the stars. Certainly, young quarterbacks in the league have a lot of opportunity. But their career is going to be made by what they choose to do, and the work they put in, and the relationships they develop with their teammates, and the organizations they impact. They should have high goals, but at the same time, they’re going to have to work hard to achieve them. And I really look forward to seeing that process unfold. That’s really where the hard part comes for sure.”

Of course, Brady went into how hard it is to win one Super Bowl, let alone seven. A lot of work goes into winning. That includes off-the-field relationships with teammates, coaches, and other people within the organization you play for. 

He also talked about how everyone had their own forms of motivation. Winning that much motivates Williams which is something that could help him. We know about how draft position and other things motivated Brady throughout the years. 

Williams is going to enter training camp with a lot of noise surrounding him. It isn’t going to be easy for him, especially with such high expectations. However he deals with it will be up to him. Being motivated to be the best seems to be a good start. 

Having Brady around the league post-retirement is good for everyone. He’s great for young players. These words should resonate with a young guy like Williams and make him an even better person. 

Story originally appeared on Bears Wire