TNT botches NHL promotion, mistakes Andrew Ference for Connor McDavid

It was reported Monday that the NHL will enter a seven-year national broadcasting partnership with Turner Sports, so it's only natural for the network's other properties to promote this new, exciting deal which could bring hockey back to the U.S. mainstream.

There's only one problem: to promote Some Notable Guys, you have to actually know who these guys are.

The "NBA on TNT" panel — the very type of fun, bombastic type of show the NHL sorely needs to attract a larger audience – gamely showed love to the NHL during their broadcast Tuesday.

Alexander Ovechkin and Andrew Ference were used to promote TNT's new deal with the NHL, the latter included instead of Connor McDavid. (NBAonTNT)

During a lighthearted segment where Adam Lefkoe quizzed Shaquille O'Neal on his NHL knowledge, the show ran a graphic about the NHL partnership featuring Alexander Ovechkin (great choice!) and... Andrew Ference???

Evidently, the graphics department did a cursory search for "Oilers captain" and didn't clue in on Connor McDavid. If you type "Oilers captain" into Google search the third image that appears is the one they used of Ference.

Shaq, with some assistance, was able to name the New Jersey Devils, Los Angeles Kings and Chicago Blackhawks as three NHL teams during the impromptu pop quiz.

We're all here for cross-sport promotion. If people like Shaq and Candace Parker are getting into hockey, it's a broad win for the sport itself and injects life into the television deal. That will need to continue to find a wider audience outside of its core demographic.

It's a simple error, but to omit McDavid, who is having the NHL equivalent of Steph Curry's 2016 unanimous MVP season, feels particularly egregious this year.

As for Ference, who works in social impact, growth and legislative affairs for the NHL these days, he simply couldn't be happier about the honest mistake.

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