Tim Tebow makes game-ending catch that's low on style points

Baseball-player-in-training Tim Tebow added to his personal highlight reel Thursday night with a “diving game-ending catch,” as some are putting it. And that sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

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The tying run was at the plate. The ball was hit to Tebow in left field. And he dove and caught it. It sounds like he saved the game. Do I want some of that Tebowmania? Darn right I do. Pump it right into my veins. Let’s all watch together and sing “Hallelujah” afterward.

Wait, what? That was it? Didn’t he just kinda fall down and manage to catch the ball? Good for him, I guess. Final out achieved. But it’s Friday, so I’m gonna need more Tebowmania than that to get me through the weekend.

Hey, look, this isn’t necessarily a knock on Tebow. That catch looks like what happens when you take a football player, give him a baseball glove and say, “hey, play the outfield” — which is what’s going on in his life at the moment.

But this does sum up the Tim Tebow Experience pretty well. It’s a good example of how everything is amplified. Tebow made a catch that any Single-A outfielder should be able to make. (Tumbling aside). And it leads to the team he’s playing against posting it YouTube with the #SCTop10 hashtag hoping to ride the Tebow train onto “SportsCenter.”

Tim Tebow's
Tim Tebow's

It generates headlines that any other player wouldn’t get and then people will start to discuss the validity of Tebow’s baseball career once again, something that wouldn’t happen for another Single-A player. It’s a heckuva cycle.

It’s not wrong. It’s not particularly great. It’s just the circus that comes along with Tim Tebow playing baseball. But you gotta give the guy some credit. Even when he falls, he gets back up — and signs autographs after.

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