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Aid trucks are rolling into Gaza this morning.

The shipment comes from southern Israel through a new agreement with Egypt to bypass the Rafah crossing after Israeli forces seized the Palestinian side of it earlier this month.

Egypt refuses to reopen its side of the Rafah crossing until control of the Gaza side is handed back to Palestinians.

But under U-S and Israeli pressure it agreed to divert traffic through Israel's Kerem Shalom crossing -- Gaza's main cargo terminal. (3)



The investigation into a shooting incident at a Jewish girls school in Toronto continues this morning.

Police say just before 5 a-m local time on Saturday multiple rounds were discharged, apparently targeting the elementary school.

While no one was hurt, investigators say the school was damaged.

Several Jewish groups in the city say this incident just highlights the escalation of violence the community has faced since the onset of the Israel-Hamas war. (3)



The University of Calgary is planning to restart its oil and gas engineering program in the fall of 2025.

Admittance to its petroleum engineering bachelor's degree program was halted in 2021 after a multi-year period of low oil prices, corporate consolidation and widespread energy sector layoffs.

Since then, however, oil prices have rebounded, and Canadian oil companies have been generating strong profits over the past two years. (3)



Afghan officials say renewed heavy rains have triggered more flash floods in Afghanistan.

At least 15 people have been killed including a set of parents and their eight children in the country's northeast.

The unusually heavy seasonal rains have been wreaking havoc on multiple parts of the country, killing hundreds of people and destroying property and crops.

The latest disaster came on the heels of devastating floods that killed at least 70 people in April. (3)



The International Organization for Migration has increased the estimated death toll from Friday's massive Papua New Guinea landslide.

Six-hundred-70 people are believed to have been killed -- based on calculations by local officials in the disaster-stricken region.

They now say more than 150 homes were buried -- whereas the previous estimate had been 60 homes.

Only five bodies and a leg of a sixth victim had been recovered by Sunday. (3)


(ENT-Nicki-Minaj-Arrest) (Audio: 028)

A Dutch National Police official confirms that rapper Nicki Minaj was arrested at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam.

They allege that the "Super Bass" singer was trying to leave the country while in possession of what they call "soft drugs."

Her concert in Manchester scheduled for Saturday night was postponed.

Minaj was posting on social media throughout the incident at the airport, claiming she was set up and being sabotaged.

Still, she was fined and released. (3)


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