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Canada's Competition Bureau has launched a probe into the parent companies of grocery chains Loblaws and Sobeys.

Allegations of anticompetitive conduct triggered the investigations.

In Federal Court documents, the Commissioner of Competition suggested that the firms' use of so-called property controls actually limits retail grocery competition.

Sobeys' owner responded by calling the inquiry "unlawful."

Canada's major grocers have recently been under public and political pressure as food prices have risen by double digits over just a handful of years. (3)


(Broncos-Deportation-Hearing) (Audio: 028)

A deportation hearing for the truck driver who caused the deadly Humboldt Broncos bus crash six years ago is set for today.

It is widely expected that Jaskirat Singh Sidhu (JASS'-kihr-at SING sih-DOO') will be ordered to be deported -- since all that is required is to prove he isn't a Canadian citizen and was convicted of an offence that had a maximum sentence of 10 years or more.

His lawyer says the only hope to keep the newly married permanent resident from India here in Canada is to get him back the permanent resident status under humanitarian grounds. (3)


(NL-Unknown-Soldier-Repatriation) (Audio: 027)

The remains of an unknown Newfoundland soldier who died in France during the First World War are expected to arrive in St. John's tomorrow.

Preparations are underway for a solemn reburial ceremony.

Newfoundland M-P Seamus O'Regan (SHAY'-muhs oh-REE'-ghin) says the repatriation has taken years to organize.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the Newfoundland National War Memorial in downtown St. John's.

That's where the unknown soldier's remains will be placed in a black granite tomb on July 1st -- which is Memorial Day in Newfoundland and Labrador. (3)



The U-S is seeking to build support for squeezing more money for Ukraine out of frozen Russian assets.

The push comes as finance ministers from the Group of Seven rich democracies open a two-day meeting.

Another key topic likely to be brought front and centre by U-S Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will be building a united front against China's subsidies for solar panels and electric cars.

The meeting, on the shores of northern Italy's scenic Lago Maggiore, aims to build consensus for final decisions at a summit of G-7 national leaders in June. (3)



Iran's military says the helicopter carrying late President Ebrahim Raisi (ehb-brah-HEEM' rye-EE'-see) caught fire soon after it crashed into a mountain and there was no sign it was attacked.

A statement from the general staff of the armed forces in charge of investigating the crash did not assign blame but said more details would emerge after further investigation.

Raisi was buried Thursday. (3)


(ENT-FILM-The-Beach-Boys) (Audio: 043)

This weekend you can go on a surfin' safari with The Beach Boys.

A new documentary, out today on Disney-Plus, chronicles the group's rise to fame and lasting legacy, along with all the bumps and bruises they experienced on the way.

The Beach Boys' Mike Love and Brian Wilson have had a rocky relationship the past few years, not talking for a long time, but they were brought together for a reunion for the film last year.

Love says it was really special to just sit and reminisce together. (3)


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