The top real-life trades that would benefit fantasy players most

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Whenever a high-profile trade goes down, my eyes literally turn into giant siren emojis and I instinctively scream out, “TRAAAAAAADDDDDDEEEEEE!!!!”

I’m a bit of a mad man and obviously very annoying to live and work with but man, when that Emmanuel Sanders trade went down Monday, I got hyped.

I think it’s a great deal for everyone involved. Sanders is one of the good guys in the league, so it’s great to see him land on a legit contender. It was also a great move for the Niners, who desperately needed a reliable receiver and a terrific move for Denver, who got a third- and fourth-round pick back for a 32-year-old receiver on a season that is clearly going nowhere.

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The move, to me, gives Sanders a big boost from a fantasy perspective so of course, that got me thinking about what other semi-kinda-sorta-loosely-plausible real-life trades we’d love to see that could help benefit some of us fake-game managers.


There are ways to help your pending free agency and then there is what Melvin Gordon is doing to himself.

His holdout allowed Austin Ekeler to exhibit his wares and the undrafted, unheralded back did just that, showing off his incredible athletic traits.

When the holdout ended, the Chargers gave Gordon his starting job back and proceeded to promptly lose three games in a row.

It was capped off last week by Gordon fumbling at the goal line and the Chargers, yet again, losing in heartbreaking fashion.

Both fans and fantasy managers are just about done with Gordon and ready to see the team hand the reins over to Ekeler and Justin Jackson. And unless Gordon has crawled into a cave sans phone and internet, he’s got to know the sentiment surrounding him right now. Bottom line: He needs a fresh start.

The Patriots, meanwhile, seemingly have all the running backs, yet have none.

Koh Knows
Koh Knows

Don’t confuse fantasy points with effectiveness when it comes to Sony Michel. He’s averaging a sad 3.3 yards per carry and looks like he’s running in waist-high water right now. Rex Burkhead is just not able to stay healthy. James White is great but is a satellite back. If Damien Harris was ready, I assume he would’ve been out there by now.

New England obviously doesn’t need Melvin Gordon but they’re clearly loading up as they overspent like crazy in getting Mohamed Sanu, signaling Josh Gordon’s time with the team likely coming to an end. Melvin Gordon would present a significant upgrade at running back and he could form a formidable one-two punch with White.

From a fantasy perspective, it’d be a win for everyone involved except, of course, all you Sony Michel managers but hey, sometimes you gotta crack some eggs to make an omelette or something like that. Whatever. Deal with it.

Other interesting landing spots: Texans, Seahawks


A deal that on its surface could be jarring to some, but a couple things to note:

The Lions essentially donated one of their better players in Quandre Diggs to the Seahawks, sending Diggs and a seventh for a fifth-round pick and a $5 off coupon to Arby’s.

Jones is coming off of a wild Abe Lincoln game (four scores), meaning his value is probably about as high as it will ever get. But remember: Jones is 29 years old and a free agent after next season. Shipping him off now would be ideal for the team. If Mo Sanu is going for a second, I could see the Eagles ponying up to acquire Jones’ services.

And the Eagles desperately need a player like Jones. DeSean Jackson seemed to unlock this offense Week 1 but knowing his history, Jackson won’t be healthy until Neveruary 1st.

So while waiting for one Cal player to mend, why not fill his spot with another Cal receiver in Jones?

It’d obviously be a massive fantasy boost for Carson Wentz but Jones would see a bump as well with a touch more targets per game while working as the team’s primary outside threat.

Other interesting landing spots: Cardinals, Packers, Saints


After winning three straight and improving to 3-3-1, I could absolutely see Arizona being buyers before the trade deadline and helping out their young upside quarterback with a young upside wide receiver.

I’m not saying if this trade were to go down that Parker would see some kind of Amari Cooper-esque career revival … but I mean ... I’m also not, not, not, not saying it.

Look, if Parker could stabilize his career and be a consistent — not even great, just steady — contributor, it’d be a slam dunk for Arizona.

It’s a team that wants to sling it all over the yard but they are working with an aging possession receiver in Larry Fitzgerald, a smallish downfield slot guy that can’t stay healthy in Christian Kirk and a bunch of no-name guys that may or may not be anything.

Parker at 6-foot-3 would give Kyler Murray that big-bodied athletic receiver this offense is so obviously lacking.

Other interesting landing spots: Eagles, Packers, Saints


This would be nice for Howard. He could finally go someplace where he would actually get targets and it’s just a short little trip down the I-75.

The Bucs are going nowhere and should be looking to unload assets while the Jags at 3-4 aren’t actually that far out from making a run at the division.

It’s an obvious fit for both the Jags and Howard as the team lost starting tight end James O’Shaughnessy to a torn ACL earlier in the year. Meanwhile, giving a young quarterback like Gardner Minshew a big, athletic tight end makes all the sense in the world.

If this deal were to actually happen, Howard’s estimated value in fantasy would skyrocket. But that being said, you could say that about a half dozen destinations.

Why a losing team wouldn’t fully utilize a freak-athlete tight end is beyond me but maybe it’s just one last thing you can blame Jameis Winston for.

Other interesting landing spots: Seahawks, Packers, Bills, Patriots

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