The Hockey PDOcast Episode 288: The Leafs, the Bruins, and the officials

Justin Cuthbert joins the show to discuss why the Leafs were so effective in Game 1, the adjustments the Bruins made in Game 2, and all of the other main talking points emanating from the series as it shifts back to Toronto.

Later, Producer Matt comes on to sort through a grab bag of random topics, including awards ballots, the draft lottery results, and Joel Quenneville’s hiring by the Panthers.

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Here’s how the show unfolds:

  • Nazem Kadri redux, and complaints about the referees (1:40)

  • The back-and-forth chess match of a playoff series (10:45)

  • What’s next for the Leafs and the Bruins? (23:30)

  • Dimitri’s Fake Award Ballot (33:00)

  • Karmic rewards in the draft lottery (57:30)

  • Joel Quenneville and the Panthers (1:02:00)

Join Dimitri Filipovic for the Hockey PDOCast.
Join Dimitri Filipovic for the Hockey PDOCast.

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