The Hockey PDOcast Episode 285: Vasilevskiy's Perfect Storm

Welcome to “The Hockey PDOcast,” a Yahoo Sports podcast hosted by Dimitri Filipovic, who enlists the help of some of the game’s most insightful minds covering the NHL.

Kevin Woodley joins the show to discuss all things goaltending.

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Topics include:

  • Evolution of goalie metrics over time (3:00)

  • What to look at when evaluating goalie play (11:00)

  • Peak performance vs. Consistency (19:15)

  • Defensive system vs. Individual play (28:30)

  • Darcy Kuemper's remarkably improbable run (34:50)

  • Andrei Vasilevskiy's Vezina resume (45:10)

  • Younger league, younger goalies? (54:20)

  • Betting on Bobrovsky long-term (59:40)

  • Advanced scouting of playoff goalies (1:02:40)

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