The 2024 Men's College World Series for dummies + The Good, The Bad & The Uggla

The Men's College World Series has finally arrived and the Baseball Bar-B-Cast crew is here to give you an extensive breakdown on the 2024 edition, whether you’re a college ball fiend or someone who’s a casual fan but wants to get in on some of the wildest, most unpredictable action we’ll see all year in baseball.

Jake Mintz and Jordan Shusterman take a look at all eight teams in the tournament this year and give you the rundown of their seasons, identify some of the players and coaches you should keep an eye on and which teams will bring the stereotypical college baseball energy that everyone loves. The guys also give their picks for who might play in the finals and ultimately be crowned champion.

Later in the show, Jake & Jordan give their picks for The Good, The Bad and The Uggla this week, which includes a new member of the St. Louis Cardinals' mascot family, an unprecedented record set by a minor leaguer off the field and New York Yankees fans finding a way to complain despite having one of the best teams in baseball.

(1:16) - An introduction to the Men's College World Series

(11:54) - North Carolina

(16:06) - UVA

(20:38) - Tennessee

(25:51) - FSU

(33:55) - Kentucky

(37:53) - North Carolina State

(42:22) - Texas A&M

(46:39) - Florida

(51:08) - The Good, The Bad & The Uggla

Jeffrey Camarati-USA TODAY Sports
Jeffrey Camarati-USA TODAY Sports

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