What Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir like about each other

Kyle CantlonNHL Editor
Yahoo Canada Sports

If there’s one word that can adequately describe Tessa Virtue’s partnership with Scott Moir, it’s chemistry.

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The magic between the two is equally present on and off the ice. Virtue and Moir are extremely close, and the two have been with each other through 20 years of practice, training, travel and competition.

Yahoo Canada Sports caught up with the Canadian skating greats a few months before PyeongChang at an airplane hangar and Moir, who couldn’t speak highly enough of his long-time partner, explained it’s a combination of important personality traits that makes Virtue so vital to the pair’s success.

“She’s actually hilarious. I think some people would be surprised,” said Moir. “A lot of people knows she’s a genius, She’ very smart. But she has a great drive as well. So she has a pretty good combo, fun to work with, best business partner ever.”

Virtue reciprocates the same level of praise for her partner, especially his dancing skills. She calls Moir the best ice dancer ever, and it’s hard to argue — especially with someone who knows him so well.

“The sad thing is after 20 years I still find Scott hysterical. He’s extremely passionate, has such great empathy for others,” Virtue said. “If any music is playing, I love to see how Scott will react to it because he just has this innate ability to connect with music.”

After securing gold as part of Canada squad for the skating team event last week, the pair followed it up with another gold in ice dance. With five Olympic medals, Virtue and Moir are now the most decorated figure skaters in Olympic history.



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