‘Tekken’ Director Wants To Know Why Fans Want Waffle House Added to Game

Waffle House has somehow transcended fast food chain status to become something of a cultural icon throughout the South and Midwest. The no-frills breakfast spot is perhaps the antithesis of today’s hyper online, digital culture – it’s looked the same for well over half a century with a largely unchanging menu.

Nonetheless, fans want Waffle House to make its video game debut. Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada took to X to ask the public why so many fans are asking that Waffle House be added to the game as a stage, responding to one fan's inquiry.

“Ok, I will only ask once about this request,” Harada wrote. “Why do some communities send me requests for ‘Waffle House’? Please be sure to explain the basis for the request, including the original story, history and background. I look forward to an explanation from someone who knows more.”

Fans chimed in to explain the memeification of Waffle House. One in particular said that the chain is “heavily associated with brawling” because customers often instigate fights. Many responded with the infamous video of a customer throwing a chair behind the Waffle House counter.

Harada thanked fans for their explanations but noted that “the restaurant has both the trademark and the rights to the restaurant, so if the restaurant chain's headquarters refuses to accept my proposal, it will not happen.”

Perhaps a Waffle House appearance is in store for Tekken 9.