Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Celebrated His Super Bowl Win By Dancing to Some Very Familiar Love Songs


Taylor Swift and her NFL star boyfriend, Travis Kelce, celebrated the Kansas City Chiefs’ third Super Bowl win with a blowout party in Las Vegas. On at least two occasions during the celebratory Sunday night bash, the DJs charged with presiding over the aux cord fittingly chose to play house remixes of the pop star’s country love ballads. And in true wife-guy fashion, Kelce couldn’t help but make a big deal out of it.

Swift flew in from a couple of days in Tokyo to watch Kelce team’s win against the San Francisco 49ers in overtime. The two were spotted being all sorts of cute and clearly in love at the game, as well as the after-party.

Take, for instance, the way he scurried right up to the DJ booth when he heard a remix of Swift’s 2008 hit “You Belong With Me” ring out. In various clips circulating on X, Kelce can be seen pointing at Swift in the crowd as he fist-pumps and sings along to the lyrics.

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In another tender moment captured by fellow partygoers, Swift and Kelce can be seen locking eyes and dancing together while a remix of “Love Story” plays in the background.

In the clip Taylor Swift is sporting the striped glittery suit jacket that Kelce wore when he arrived to the event.

Seems like these two are truly in their Lover era!

Originally Appeared on Glamour