Taco Bell Is Charging Extra for a Sauce Packet for the First Time Ever

And it's the newest one to the menu.

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If you’re like us, there’s a small corner of your kitchen drawer dedicated to a stash of Taco Bell sauces. That’s because, usually, a trip to Taco Bell means you can load up on however many signature sauce packets your heart desires, from the tangy Mild to the spicy Diablo, totally free of charge.

Well, unfortunately, for the first time, Taco Bell has changed its sauce standards. Not only is the taco chain updating its line of iconic sauces, it’s also changing one of the prices.

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Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s New Salsa Packet Costs Extra

If you want to add the new Avocado Salsa Verde to your favorite Taco Bell meal, it’s going to cost you extra.

Taco Bell debuted the new salsa on March 21 as part of the new cantina menu. “The all-new Avocado Verde Salsa, which features tomatillos, green chili peppers, and real avocado pulp was developed to complement Cantina Chicken menu items,” the Tex-Mex chain announced in a press release. The cantina chicken menu includes options like the cantina chicken soft taco, cantina chicken crispy taco, cantina chicken burrito, cantina chicken quesadilla, and cantina chicken bowl.

But, here’s the catch: "One packet of avocado verde salsa comes with every order off the cantina chicken menu," it added. So, if you want to order more than one packet, or add the new sauce to a different meal, you’ll be charged 20 cents per packet.

Now, this new salsa packet isn’t like the typical fast-food sauces we’re used to. It's almost double the size, weighing in at 0.5 ounces, and it's meant to be refrigerated. According to the package, it's "best chilled, shaken, sauced." And, if you were wondering, it is a permanent menu addition.

So, what’s the deal with the upcharge? According to the brand, the new salsa is considered a "premium" sauce and menu add-on, “such as nacho cheese sauce, reduced-fat sour cream and guacamole.” It’s a step up from the regular sauce collection, and that elevation is reflected in the price.

Since Chipotle set the “guac costs extra” precedent, guacamole (or rather, avocados) seem to cost extra no matter where you order them. So, it's hardly shocking that this latest avocado-infused sauce comes with a small fee.

But, in better news, the signature hot sauce packets are still free at Taco Bell. So, until further notice, your cherished hot sauce stash can remain well-stocked.

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