Stephen Colbert Absolutely Annihilates Lara Trump’s New Single


Being a leader of the Republican National Committee might sound like a full-time job, but Lara Trump—the RNC’s recently elected co-chair, who also happens to be the wife of Eric Trump—is proving otherwise. As Stephen Colbert explained on Tuesday, “Lara isn’t just a bad fundraiser, she’s also a terrible musician.”

Despite now holding a top position with the Republican party, Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law somehow found the time to drop a new single, titled, “Anything Is Possible.” And yes, it’s as bad as you are probably imagining.

Just a few months after releasing a cover of Tom Petty’s classic “I Won’t Back Down,” which Colbert claims topped “Billboard’s Hot 100 Ways to Torture Tom Petty’s Ghost,” Lara’s back with a new jam. “Obviously, this is just bait to get folks like me to talk about her singing career on TV,” Colbert explained. “And I refuse… to miss my chance.”

While Colbert decided to brave the auditory waters and give it a listen, he only made it about four words into Lara’s ditty: “Don’t think, just jump.” After silencing the music, Colbert announced that “I think I’m ready to jump.”

“Contrary to the will of God, and the Geneva Convention, there is more,” Colbert promised of the song. Which went on to include the following lyrics:

“Talking to that little girl/Riding on the pegasus/In this hurricane life/You still gotta spread your wings and fly.”

Colbert was understandably befuddled.

“Let me see if I’ve got this right,” he began. “This little girl is riding on a pegasus in a hurricane and she also has her own wings that she will use to fly off the pegasus and then later jump?”

“It is that sort of crystal-clear metaphor you get on a song that is credited to four lyricists,” Colbert concluded. “One to write the song, the other three to look up what time the bank opens so they can run and cash their checks.”

But the song’s title and theme of “anything is possible” really did strike a chord with Colbert, who remarked, “It’s true, anything really is possible. For instance: It’s possible to have a voice even auto-tune can’t fix.”

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