These states have the highest gas prices over Memorial Day weekend, according to GasBuddy

As Americans hit the road this Memorial Day weekend, they are finding a nasty surprise: high gas prices.

According to Patrick De Haan, the head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy, gas prices in some states are at their highest Memorial Day level since 2014, while others are at their highest since 2018.

Gasoline demand is also nearing pre-pandemic levels.

“We could fully return to normal levels as early as this weekend as it appears demand ahead of this holiday is looking quite high,” De Haan told USA TODAY.

California is reported to have the highest gas price across the nation, followed by Hawaii, Nevada, Washington and Oregon.

"California has been at the top basically for the last four or five years," De Haan said. "West Coast prices tend to be higher."

States with lower prices tend to be that way because those states have low gasoline taxes, high oil production or a lot of oil refineries.

States with the most expensive average gas price

California, $4.168

Hawaii, $3.859

Nevada, $3.593

Washington, $3.534

Oregon, $3.390

Utah, $3.336

Alaska, $3.305

Illinois, $3.280

Idaho, $3.224

Pennsylvania, $3.154

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Memorial Day gas price averages are higher in California, Hawaii