Stampeders game to go ahead despite Calgary water restrictions

CALGARY — The Calgary Stampeders game Friday had the green light to go ahead despite water restrictions in the city.

Calgarians were urged to reduce water use as work to repair a major water main stretched into a second day.

Outdoor water use such as car washing or plant watering was banned and citizens were asked to shorten showers, hold off on dishwashing and laundry and reduce toilet flushing.

A fire ban was also in effect to preserve water for firefighting.

"The Calgary Stampeders and the McMahon Stadium Society are closely monitoring the City of Calgary’s messaging regarding the critical water main break in northwest Calgary," the Stampeders said Friday in a statement.

"All water-usage directives are being strictly observed we ask all fans to be mindful of their water usage while at the game tonight."

The Stampeders were to host the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in their first game of the 2024 CFL season.

Former Stampeder quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell returned for the first time since he was traded to Hamilton.

Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) chief Susan Henry said during Friday's update by the city "things like this do not have a huge draw on our water supply and we understand the Stampeders game will go ahead as planned."

"What's really important, I think, for all of us, is to do our part, and individually, what can you do?" said Calgary's Water Services Director Nancy Mackay.

"Going to watch a football game, sense of community, we looked at water use at stadium and we couldn't make the case that that was going to save it any more water.

"Individually in both your business, your operations, your facilities, your homes, churches, community associations, what can you do each and every day and I would certainly hope that folks are thinking about that too, as they're going to game and enjoying the game."

This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 7, 2024.

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