Spurs' DeRozan reflects on Raptors' championship, legacy in Toronto

If there’s one person who deserves an honourary Toronto Raptors NBA championship ring, it’s certainly DeMar DeRozan.

Despite never winning an NBA title during his Raptors tenure, the nine seasons he spent in Toronto were some of the best in franchise history, and his play was a huge reason why.

DeRozan’s love for the city of Toronto and the country of Canada endeared him to so many fans. That’s why he admitted to feeling a bit emotional when the team won the Larry O’Brien Trophy without him last season.

“We all human,” DeRozan said. “We all feel some type of way; if you've seen a previous situation that you was part of accomplish something great that you was after when you was there - of course.”

I would imagine it was very bittersweet for the 30-year-old. He would have been happy to see friends, including one of his best in Kyle Lowry, reach the mountain top, but also upset that he couldn’t be a part of it.

Even though he’s entering Year 2 with his new club, the San Antonio Spurs, he still feels like part of his spirit is in Toronto.

“I'm there. I spent nine years of my basketball career there so even at times when I seen pictures and seen my jersey all in the crowd, you're there someway somehow.”

The four-time All-Star is now entering his 10th season in the NBA.

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