Meet the character from the Great Before cut from Pixar's 'Soul' in exclusive deleted scene

One upside to the laborious process of making an animated feature film? When deciding a character no longer works during the storyboarding phase, at least you don’t have to fire an actor.

That’s what happened with Disney Pixar’s December release Soul — currently the favorite to win Oscar’s Best Animated Feature – and hitting Blu-ray/4K and digital (beyond Disney+) this week.

A deleted scene (watch exclusively above) introduces a tour guide of sorts from “The Great Before,” the metaphysical plane where Joe (Jamie Foxx) schemes his way from certain death to becoming mentor to the unborn soul 22 (Tina Fey).

“When you work on a story set beyond space and time, you are always wrestling with not only the rules of the world, but also how to communicate those rules to the audience,” screenwriter Mike Jones explains in an introduction to the clip. “And we had a ton of stuff we had to communicate. Getting it across was usually kind of messy, and not very funny.”

Jones says co-director Peter Docter and he had “an idea that there was this kind of larger-than-life figure who talked in a headset and it was kind of this motivational speaker. It was funny, but it ultimately just didn’t work for the movie.”

Soul is available on Blu-ray/4K/DVD and digital March 23.

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