Some NHL teams reportedly won't draft prospect after 'offensive photography' charge

Multiple teams have reportedly placed Logan Mailloux on their ‘Do Not Draft’ list after he was charged for sharing a sexual image without consent. (Photo via
Multiple teams have reportedly placed Logan Mailloux on their ‘Do Not Draft’ list after he was charged for sharing a sexual image without consent. (Photo via (

Logan Mailloux, a 2021 NHL Draft prospect and defenseman for both the OHL's London Knights and SK Lejon in ​​HockeyEttan, is reportedly being dropped from several NHL team's draft lists after being charged for taking and distributing a photo of a consensual sexual encounter last November, according to Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff.

The incident occured while Mailloux was loaned to SK Lejon in Sweden. At the time of the incident, Mailloux was 17 years old and a minor. He gave Seravalli and Daily Faceoff permission to publish details of the case, and is currently 18 years old.

Mailloux took an offensive photograph of the victim, who was 18 years old at the time and was not aware that she was being photographed. The photo, along with the victim’s online profile, was shared to Mailloux’s SK Lejon teammates. Mailloux was charged by Swedish Polisen with defamation and “Kränkande fotografering,” or offensive photography, and required to pay 14,300 Swedish krona, approximately $2,077 Canadian Dollars.

“What happened affected [me] much more than he thinks,” the victim said to investigators according to Daily Faceoff’s report.

Leading up to the draft, Mailloux was ranked 23rd on Central Scouting’s North American skaters rankings.

Seravalli reports that four teams — the Arizona Coyotes, Chicago Blackhawks, New York Rangers and Toronto Maple Leafs — “are believed to be among the teams with no plans to select Mailloux under any circumstance.”

He also added that six NHL teams didn’t interview Mailloux at all during the draft process, signifying that they’re not considering the prospect.

The London Knights, Mailloux’s current junior team, released a statement regarding the matter.

“The London Knights became aware of a situation involving Logan Mailloux that occurred when he was loaned from the team and playing in Sweden during the pandemic. It is our understanding that the situation has been resolved in Sweden and the player has apologized.

"Team staff are working with Logan, ensuring that he is accessing the supports that are in place to help him better understand his actions, the ramifications of his actions and ensuring that this does not happen again. The team and the (Ontario Hockey) League will continue to closely monitor the situation,” the statement read.

Mailloux also spoke on the matter this week, according to Daily Faceoff:

“Personally, this is a huge mistake I’ve made. A stupid, childish mistake,” he said.

“I was selfish. I want the victim and her family to know how sincerely sorry I am and how remorseful I am. I know now how it can affect their family. I regret doing it, but there is nothing I can do about that now. I hope they can forgive me one day.”

The 2021 NHL draft is inching closer as Round 1 kicks off next Friday, July 23.

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